The AI Difference

Harvard Graduate SSAT Specialist

Our team consists of Ivy League graduates such as Harvard graduate Dr. John Macdonald. We have been teaching SSAT for more than 10 years and know how to improve SSAT scores.

Drawing on years of instruction experience, our Ivy League Graduate SSAT specialists develop both our practice tests as well as the supplementary questions that our AI recommends.

Get the AI advantage

We have developed an AI system that tracks questions you need more help with and suggests similar ones.

Our proprietary BSP AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze questions that were not answered or answered incorrectly, then suggests up to three similar questions of increasing difficulty. Find out where you need the most help and then focus on those areas to rapidly improve your SSAT performance.

What else?

See what more BEST SSAT PREP has to offer.

Self-paced studying

Get in the habit of studying at your own pace with personalized question sets.


Study efficiently online with the help of an AI that understands your needs.


Competitive prices for cutting edge SSAT preparation.

Support your preparation with AI

At BEST SSAT PREP, we continually innovate to deliver the most effective test prep, allowing students to achieve their full academic potential. Our BSP AI analyzes students’ performance on practice tests, focusing on questions answered incorrectly.