How it Works

Receive AI help

Take a full-length mock test

Our mock tests are structured just like the real thing, with a timer and a virtual bubble sheet to record answers. You'll work through sample questions that have been carefully designed to be as representative as possible of the actual SSAT questions.

Get your results

After finishing a mock test, you'll immediately be able to access a detailed breakdown of your performance, complete with a predicted percentile score. Use the radar charts to see at a glance which categories of questions you are strong in and which need improvement, or review your performance by the difficulty of the questions. For each question, you'll be able to see which category it belongs to, as well as a detailed, step-by-step solution that walks you through how to solve the problem.

Get extra practice by using our AI "Suggested Questions" feature

Our proprietary BSP AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze questions that were not answered or answered incorrectly, then suggests up to three similar questions of increasing difficulty. These recommendations are personalized to ensure you get extra practice in exactly the areas you need it most.

Ace your SSAT

Just take the SSAT with self-confidence – the big improvement shall be yours!

Support your preparation with AI

At BEST SSAT PREP, we continually innovate to deliver the most effective test prep, allowing students to achieve their full academic potential. Our BSP AI analyzes students’ performance on practice tests, focusing on questions answered incorrectly.