Refund Policy

SSAT Programs

If your purchase date was prior to March 30, 2023, view your cancellation & refund policy terms here.
If your purchase date was on or after March 30, 2023, the following cancellation & refund terms apply: here

Cancellation before utilizing products/services purchased

The refund You are entitled to depends on the time that has elapsed since your purchase:

  • Within 1 hour of your purchase: 100% of program tuition is refundable
  • Within 7 days of your purchase date: 50% of program tuition is refundable
  • On or after the 8th day following your purchase:  No Refund
Processing Fee

In addition to the above conditions regarding elapsed time since purchase,
all refunded payment(s) are subject to a processing fee of 10%of the original price

Cancellation after utilizing products/services purchased:
If one or more parts of a bundle/package has been used then the refund is voided for the entire bundle/package.